There's a special offer they sent me and I'm so tempted to get it. It's $185 free shipping and you get a 32 oz bottle of devacurl condish. Sounds like a good deal. But $185 seems like alot. Is it at least a salon grade blow dryer. Like heavy duty??? I have 3b hair/thick. Does it work well on that??? Less frizz??? I need to be pushed over the cliff to buy this thing.
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I still like it - I even use my bowl diffuser on it & get better results than my cheaper dryer. Have not had an issue w/ frizz. Also, I do not dry all the way, I used it get it at least so my hair does not look wet for work. Is it worth it? Well if you use it & like, yes. It's like anything else. And think of it as paying only $150 since you are getting the conditioner free