Hey guys, (ahem) CGs! I did not criss cross either does not work well. I thought I put that up there that I didn't? Oh well, will check. And I use the small, small jaw clips. They are probably 1/2 an inch? I don't grab a lot of hair, like I said it can be caught with index finger and thumb so that is not a wad of hair, just a small bunch. And I go straight back, from forehead to crown in a pretty straight line, not even using a part. When it comes down, I have such a strong part, that it falls into that anyway.

Sorry it didn't work for ya'll, but man it works for me. This is my second "wash" day of the week and I can't wait to do it again. I got SO many compliments on it, even from the doctors I work with and man it is hard to get them to compliment anything, being surgeons and all. They usually are so focused that they don't even notice us in Pre Op but they did notice the hair!

Again, sorry it didn't work for ya, I was hoping I had hit on something that might help! I have another idea that I am working on. My dad is a carpenter and I am going to get a 1/2 inch dowel rod cut into 1 or 2 inch sections and curl the root on it, let the rest of it hang off, jaw clip it with the 1/2 inch jaws and see what that does. I am trying to make my own root curlers. Straws do not work for me. The hair slips off. So will see what that does. I just hate those metal hair clips, they pull and break my hair. And my hair is pretty elastic, but they still do it. The jaw clipping works great for me.
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