I would really encourage you to try the Spritz & Condish method - I can tell you that it has made more of a difference to my hair than anything else I've tried.

It seems like I read almost everything on these boards and try almost everything This method is so simple, yet so effective. I was struggling constantly with dry hair - using great products, but nothing seemed to give me lasting moisture. I still use those great products and, combined with this method, my hair is curlier, bouncier, and healthier than ever.

I basically just wet my hair with a spray bottle, slather in some good conditioner, put on a shower cap and go about my business for 15 minutes or more. Then I get in the shower and rinse a little, low-poo, condition and rinse as usual. I do this every day - easy.

I have seen the results continue to improve over time, so if you decide to try it make sure and give it some time. However, if it works for you I think you'll notice some results right away.

(I found that I was getting a little over-conditioned, so I'm making sure I only leave the "condish" in for 10 min. max.)
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