I finally took the plunge, and made my very first batches of FSG last night

1st: I think I boiled it too long - never foamed and didn't strain at.all! Threw out (in retrospect, could have used the seeds again, but oh well!)

2nd: boiled less time, got a couple of oz at best...right consistency and color

3rd: reused the seeds from the 2nd try...added more water, a pinch of mag sulf, and boiled again...only let boil for 2 mins...strained a LOT better and got much, much more!

I used the 2nd batch this morning, and so far am LOVING how shiny it makes my hair, and how little frizz I have

I froze the seeds/mass from the 2nd/3rd batches, and will soak them overnight to defrost next time, and see how that does...I love playing "mad scientist," as my hubby puts it
on my CG journey since 10/31/09
**2-3ish mix/coarse/med-high porosity/v thick/graying, color treated
cleansers: CJ DF
co-wash: TJ TTT/Suave DC
rinse out/treatments: YTT/YTC/HSH Pumpkin/CJ CR/AO GPB
Stylers: homemade FSG/HETMS spray
pixiecurl diffusing in winter, air drying in summer, Icequeen method, combing right before plopping
glycerin, panthenol, heavy oils, diffusing in summer, Suave Cherry Blossom co, gel