R.P. seemed surprisingly sane in a quiz show appearance I heard him on several years ago, but knowing a few of his supporters, I will say that --- to a lesser extreme than these newsletters indicate ---- they do believe some of what he's allegedly writing (re: ghostwriters, etc.).

I will also add that I was in Chicago, watching the very Bulls game described, when my husband and I went out to riot, too. We walked a block or two, listened to people whooping, shouting, and blowing their car horns, and then went home. (Turns out the thought of rioting makes me sleepy.) The area that received the most attention from the rioters (Rush Street) has (or had) the most sports bars, and it was definitely a mixed crowd overturning cabs. Mostly what was obvious from the news film at the time was the youth of the offenders, not their race. I recall a big blur of shaved heads and bulls jerseys rocking a cab.
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But a "riot" after a sports game isn't even all that unsual and it certainly isn't race specific. The same stuff happened in Bloomington with majority white students.
- don't let everybody elses long straight weave bum you out. don't let other people's big/long natural hair bum you out either. embrace what you have and rock it with confidence, because that's the only way you'll be happy. and whether you realize it or not you are somebody's influence. show them what it truly means to be confident.
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