Elucence is sold at salons but not many, as far as I can tell. Their website has a salon locator which tells me there are no salons within 100 miles of my zip code (which would include NYC). But I'm not positive the salon locator works right...


That's great that you found Activate in your Walgreen's. I hope it works for you. The Activate shampoo is very good too, and so is their protein deep treatment.
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I did a store locator for the Elucence & none near me either - I am about 40 miles east of NYC. Too bad, I guess it's online if I want to try it. I did a search for the Activate & the Walgreens not too far from my chiropractor had it (I had an appt this morning anyway!). Not too bad, a 10 minute drive. The closer Walgreens does not have it. The one I went to today did not have the soft curl cream, just the shampoo, conditioner & straightening cream. I just bought the conditioner - not sure if that shampoo would still keep me as a CG Also, I bought the GF curl cream - we'll see how I do w/ that cone. Hopefully no-poo will take it out.