No need to reply ladies. I've been in serious lurker mode for the last 7 or so months, so I know many of you don't *know* me, so I don't expect a lot (if any) of responses. I'm just venting.

But I'm wondering what is the deal with women who feel compelled to tell pregnancy horror stories to pregnant women?

Cases in point:

1) Ladies ask me how I feel, to which I respond, "Great." This is true, because I've been blessed to have never been sick a day of my pregnancy. Their response, "Oh that's good, because I was sick as a dog the entire time. I threw up all the time, I couldn't hold anything down, I was always dizzy, I broke out in a rash... blah blah blah..." *heavy sigh*

2) I'm still able to wear stylish heels, or *gasp* platforms, and I get looked at like I've committed some type of great error. Next come the stories of how their feet swelled up and they could never wear cute shoes during that time and all they could do is wear men's slip-ons or flip-flops or how their feet grew a size and never went back down... *heavier sigh*

3) Now that I'm nearing the final stages, I'm being bombarded with stories of emergency c-sections at 34 weeks or worse, 8-month pregnancies ending abruptly due to fetal deaths... *Um, seriously?!?! You want to share that with me now?!?!*

For real, seriously. Can't you (gy) just be genuinely happy for me? Or have some... a few... one or 2 encouraging words? Can you let me relish in my moment without ruining it with your or someone else's bad experiences?

How about we all revert to what we were taught as children, "If you don't have anything nice to say, the don't say anything at all..."

Okay - rant over.