Oh and I find grab sort of similar almost to glue in the hair--pulls hairs together and keeps them together vs. being slippery so that each strand is coated. Hope that helps. WC40 I agree--things that help clump are what I see as that kind of grabby feeling--because when things for me have too much slip it is as if each strand does its own thing..I end up with barely wavy hair that is stringy or at least not clumpy.
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I second this. I used to finger-comb my conditioner (Suave) into my hair and I got really good slip - but then I ended up with some tiny curls that were really sort of wimpy. My hair is very wavy rather than curly, so thinner clumps yields very stringy looking waves!

Recently though I've started doing something different in how i apply the Suave, rather than changing the product itself - rather than finger combing it through my hair and getting it all slippery, I rub the product between my palms and then "squeeze" my clumps to get the product on. And I squeeze down the hair, starting from where it comes out of my head to the ends. I find this promotes the clumping and then I get much nicer, soft bouncy waves rather than stringy ones!


Aussie Aussome Volume shampoo
Coconut oil + Aussie AV shampoo
Eufora aloe vera leave-in conditioner
LA Looks Sport Gel

I use the super-soaker method