This is an interesting theory. I too have noticed that "grabby" leave-ins often work best. The rule is not 100%, but it's a good guide.

Right now I'm using Jessicurl CCSS and that doesn't grab, but it works well for me.

Others I've used and liked with this quality: pink Boots, Re:Coil [I think it had it, it's been several years], KKCC, CurlKeeper, Lustrasilk. Probably others, but those are the ones I'm remembering.

My hair doesn't tend to tangle easily, either. It tangles a teeny bit at the nape sometimes. Otherwise, it has to be super long to tangle, and I have to be using a non-slip cleanser [right now Devacurl Lo-Poo] to notice any tangling in the shower.

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