This is exciting!

I absolutely need "grabby hair" if I don't want my hair to look like a big poofy (frizzy) mess.
With slippy conditioners/LIs, my hair feels nice (soft, anti-tangling , healthy) but looks really messy.

BUT until finding this thread, I thought it was an issue of how much conditioner I use as a leave-in AND how much gel. (Conditioner making it soft/slippy, gel making it crunchy/clumpy/grabby.)
Now I have to rethink and am excited to find a solution!

I have very fine hair, but fortunately loads of it.
I think I'm not porous, since I can airdry my hair over night and still need two extra hours in the morning until it's really dry.
I hardly ever tangle.
My hair is 3a on top and 2c underneath, so I try to encourage curls.