I know this is an old post, but I have to say something really quick and then I am gone. I read some of you saying that black men men don't like curly hair or white men don't like natural hair or men don't like kinky hair in general. LOOK!
It has nothing to do with light skin, silky hair, long hair or whatever.
People will always say men like "whatever they posses" or "whatever they are comfortable with".
I learned a lesson a long time ago. If you like it, everyone else will love it.
I get hit on the same now as I did with straight long hair. You know why?
Because I like my face! I actually like a lot about myself that has nothing to do with my hair. I view my hair as a cute frame to a beautiful piece of art.
My black husband loves my natural hair and my white ex-boyfriend says I should have done it a long time ago (and he married a straight hair white woman).
Saying that men prefer you because you are mixed with a silkier texture is SUPER SELF-INDULGENT!
Men say whatever they need to in order to make you think you are special. They tell white women that they prefer them because they can run their hands through their hair and take a shower with them. They tell black women that they like their butts and hips. Basically, men say whatever they need to in order to get to the prize. It doesn't mean that it is a general statement for all men. I also dated a latin guy who said I was the only black girl he could understand because I wasn't ghetto (I broke up with him immediately).
Either way, it is what it is!
I know that I am a mutt whether I look like it of not. My mom is one quarter french and one quarter latino and her hair is super long silky 3b texture. Let her tell it, I have better luck with men than she ever had. Men hit on me because I KNOW they are going to and I believe they will.

I guess The Secret was right.
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Love it!