Well, my sister signed me up on match.com for my birthday and finally met a guy last night. It was a bust! We talked on the phone, he seemed really nice, and I told him we were heading out to a local bar to play cards and he agreed to meet there. When he walked in, I started asking him stuff, trying to make small talk, and could NOT get him to say more than two words to me. After a few minutes, he said he needed to use the bathroom. Well, he calls me from the parking lot, apologizes, and says he's heading home to get some sleep. WTF!!

Another guy asked if he could call me. He texts t osay hi, and proceeds to ask me how I feel about drinking and premarital sex. UGH. Are my standards too high?
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wtf?!?! i wouldn't let two bad matches scare you off - there are some decent guys online, but sadly you often have to filter through some creeps/weirdos to get to them.