In my experience, I know lots of black and white men who like natural hair. I'm starting to think this may be a regional thing. I'm not totally sure. Maybe some background on where everyone lives/are from may help me get to the bottom of this.

BTW, white men have been more uhh, physical about liking my hair lol. I get random kisses on the cheek when I'm out and about from white men of whom I've had at best a 15min. convo from. Of course it weirds me out, but black men don't do this. Black men will touch and play in my hair, but no kisses on the cheeck lol.
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Ladies please do not be fooled. If a man likes you thats it, it has nothing to do with your hair. And if a man is giving you attention based on your hair then you should take heed.

And why are folks feeling special just cause a white man gave them some attention. If you like your hair then thats all that should matter. You dont need validation from a white man or a black man.

Men and women have preferences so just cause some men may show you positive attention doesn't mean the whole entire race now loves curly hair. If you dont believe me talk to some of the women on this board with 2a-3b and see what they say about the men in their race.
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Amen to that .. and on that note