Personally atm, I use Kinky Curly Knot today - I did order it off the net a yr and a bit ago. I love it.

However perhaps try using your regular rinse out as a leave in.

btw are you cg or do you use cones?
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I've been cg for about 2 months, though i'm still having problems with frizz. this is going to sound really strange, but after it dries, my hair feels quite producty and weighed down - even though theres still lots of surface frizz! i use quite a moisturising rinse out and only low-poo every couple of washes, so i think it must be the gel/leave in?

That Alchemy one was disgusting in my hair, I threw it out.
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yeah i'm not wrapped with the alchemy one and it's quite expensive too. just not sure where to start with buying overseas products online?