I started combing my hair this winter. With a wide toothed comb. Both in the shower with conditioner and then when I style it. My hair gets really frizzy during the winter up here if I just finger rake or just let it be after I have washed it. But it also gets straighter. I don't mind it being straighter so much really. It looks shinier and I don't get that "rats nest" frizz, but I miss getting more clumping.
Anyone else having this problem? So far the less clumbing and straighter hair has won over the frizz... But I wish there was a better way. So far I haven't found it.
I guess I wanted to hear from others: what you do with winter frizz. I have tried every product out there and they did nothing. Maybe there is a better comb. There was thread about a certain kind on here a while ago, but I can't find it now. I couldn't find it in town here either.
Hmmm.. Is is possible to get it all: more clumping, less frizz, no combing...Probably not.
Do you prefer it straighter and less frizz or do you just take the frizz to get a bit more curl and clumping?