I got the same results when I had mine done! But when I tried to do it myself -- I didn't get the same results. How about you? Do you get the same results on your own?
I'm thinking now it might be my drier??? Because I did exactly the same thing as the stylist and got completely different results.
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I didnt want to do the same thing as the stylist in the first place because i knew that some of the things she did wouldnt consistantly work for my hair on a daily basis. For example, she used b'leave in on my ends and angell all over, but when i did it own my own this morning, i didnt use b'leave because i knew that the proteins would build up on my hair, so I just scrunched in angell all over and got awesome results. Also, I didnt use One C, but my trusty elucence which i know works well with my hair.
Everyone knows their hair better than any stylist could ever know, so I guess you just have to filter out all of the things stylists do that you know wont work so you dont try them. And filter the things that you know will work so you can use them.
Hope this helps if it made any sense to you :] (Im bad at wording things )

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