I too must sing the praises of Flax Seed Gel.
It's oh-so-goopy and snotty-slimy...
Yet it clumps my coils into soft submittal.

Flax Seed Gel, I think I love you.

...I am a recent convert to FSG, and it has received instant holy grail status in my book!
I love that I can tweak it with different scents and essential oils, add honey/glycerin for extra moisture, or throw in some aloe or whatever I please.

If any other curly girl is hesitant to try it- just go for it! You might find something you really love!
Curls: 3b, fine/medium. Natural medium ash blonde.
Co-wash Faves: Giovanni SAS, DevaCare OC.
Clarify/Smooth: ACV, Baking Soda.
Stylers: Aubrey B-5 Gel, Deva's ArcAngell, Homemade FSG, Weleda Hair Oil, Rosewater.
Current Routine: Co-wash every 3/4 days, scrunch FSG/Aubrey while very wet, plop for 10 minutes, clip at roots for lift, add more gel/oils to ends, diffuse with DevaFuser or Bonnet Dryer.
Current Salon/Stylist: Tina Juvonen @ SpaBlix in Seattle, WA. (Deva Cut Certified!)