And I'm sure he puts that quiz in EVERY MATCH.COM MESSAGE HE SENDS.
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Awww, I think he seems nice. He strikes me as a little effeminate (so very chatty and cutesy in his writing style) which could get annoying to me. But I don't think you should write him off just yet.

You never know -- he might be getting coached by his sister or a female friend.
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He strikes me as someone who is trying a little too hard (a lot of people seem to fall victim to this when it comes to online dating profiles/emails), but not a bad guy - and hopefully less, uh, over-the-top in person. And while I agree that he probably includes that quiz in all his emails, he at least took time to personalize the rest of his email. If I were interested in him based on his profile, I probably wouldn't write him off because of one over-eager email.