I have 2c hair with 3a tendencies.. but sometimes I love to wear my hair with big long waves.

My method is:

Wash hair, apply creme/gel but instead of scrunching to create curl, I smooth it downwards and distribute evenly with a wide toothed comb to get loose clumps. Then when my hair is not soaking wet, but sort of damp, I divide it in two parts.

For each part: I twist my hair tightly into one big coil with my hands so that its all wound-round, and then carry on twisting it until it starts to curve, then either spray it with some spray (in order to define the curve) then pin it with clips to my head.

Then you can either just lightly blow dry it, or leave it natural (which ever you prefer), keep it for as long as you can (a couple of hours for optimum results) .. and then take out the hair clips/pins and untwist it so its basically in two big loops, then just lightly divide it with your fingers and smooth some more gel into it.

(I have no idea if that makes sense, I tend to be very unclear in explaining things lol).

But yeah, I dunno if it will work for others, it works for me, but then again I do have 2c/3a hair so its not too difficult.

UK CG 30.03.2010
2c - low porosity - medium texture - high density