Ok, so here's my problem.
I used to have really beautiful, shiny, curly hair. It's been great, and I've always been so proud of it. I didn't have really bad frizz problems, and I got compliments daily...
Now, it's starting to change completely. I've got this stringy, dried out frizz all over my hair, and patches of it just seem dead. I can brush them, condition them, and seperate them, but the patches just dry with no life, and are completely frizzy.
It even looks bad when it's wet. In between the curls, are all these frizzy, dry blobs... The curls don't look like they used to, either.
It's actually starting to look more wavy, than curly, and it's so stringy and lifeless...
I don't know what happened!

I've had to start washing it 6-7 times per week, instead of 3-4, could that be harming it?
I need some advice. Both long term and short. I'm about to wash my hair again now, and I just don't want it to look like this tomorrow!

Products, tips, anything.
Please, my curly haired sisters, this is my hour of need...