OK, I find most of my dates online, but gee golly. Men seem to lie about their height awfully a lot. See, I'm kind of tall for a girl, I'm 5'7" and I won't date anyone under 5'9". Most guys that I meet off there tell me that they're 5'9" (San Diego must have a lot of shorties). And what do you know! They show up and I'm taller than them. They must have added 4" to their height. It keeps happening to me so I have completely stopped dating guys online. And also because a lot of them are superficial or just plain CRAZY.

IDK. Now I just tell them that I'm looking for friends. And so many of them seem to be prejudice about curly hair. When I have my straight hair photos I get a lot of emails, but when it's curly I get none. The heck?!

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