I've just ordered the KMS cranberry and pepper gel and TIGI Moisture Manic condish - both first time things. I'm really really resisting the urge to order another gel, Biolage and/or Aubrey B5. And Crown Pride gel,I want, agh! Once my product junkie is unleashed there is no stopping her!

Also my hair is desperately needing a trim and my hairdresser doesn't have an appointment for two weeks, so it really is emergency maintenance!

3a currently using
kathymack soap bars, Original source tea tree condish co-wash

Generic Biolage cond. balm, Boots Naked Shine Condish, Body Shop Honey,

Ag: recoil, Naked curl cream

Moptop gel, generic Paul Mitchell, Biotera Glaze, GF 24hr in small doses

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