Redhead Thanks for the info, I appreciate it since I've never used coconut oil so I had no clue

Bailey You might be right there. The conditioner has a cetyl alcohol that is taken from coconut so I might be just imaginging things. I do believe it was milk and redcelticcurls uses it in her conditioner and I know she doesn't want her curls looser (the oil I mean)

I think OneC might be too much since we're in the 70's again

Which meaaaaaaaans I can enjoy my BWC without fear! Woohoo! Ok except for maybe too much oil for me but at least I know it's nothing specifically to loose curl whew! Now to find that delicate balance of just enough or what time of year this works best for me.

If anyone else has any coconut oil experience or bwc conditioner please feel free to speak up
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!