Thought i'd share this gem of a message I got this morning! Think he sounds like a winner?

"Whats up Sweetie? How are you? Its a real pleasure too meet you You seem really sweet and after reading your profile, you definetly seem like my kinda woman 4sure Imagine us getting to know each other, sharing those pleasureful moments together, day after day after day and as you imagine, Im a man of many talents who definetly knows how to treat and pleasure a woman beyond normal everyday standards or expectations. Just imagine we can start a special friendship here, right now, which includes many hot nights for 2 both in and beyond the wonderful walls of the bedroom if u were to imagine feeling a sudden sense of comfort, excitement, and intrigue that allows a person to open up and indulge in those wonderful thoughts, you know, like Have you ever felt an incredible connection with someone its just like when you meet this exciting new someone. You magically begin too feel excited and totally comfortable with them, as you find yourself looking past what your normally use too, normal everyday rules, boundaries and limitations. You can begin to feel an incredible sense of connection with him more and more as every moment of communication feels better and better, you know that instantaneous click you feel right There, inside like you were meant too be with this person. I think its great when a person can experience that So if you are into Passionate, Hot, Deep, Sexy and Fun! It's all right Here! Im not sure if you are adventurous and forward thinking enough to imagine yourself enjoying this time and time again, with a great guy as you allow these thoughts to penetrate your smile you can begin to feel a sudden sense of comfort and excitement about these wonderful things! Im willing to bet that you are and If im right, Im your Man Sweetheart! You can contact me as Jayperfect1 on yahoo or aol messenger. Or you can text or hit me up at 386-xxx-0000 or feel free to leave me yours if you arent to shy lol!

Talk to you soon
"Yo, James, i'm really happy for you, i'm gonna let you finish killing Bella in a minute, but Demetri was one of the best Trackers of ALL time!"