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Thanks so much for your suggestions! @ wowohwow, I am not sure about the porosity, but I am a 3A and 3B mix and hair that is not very thick. It does expand when it dries out. I think I have to read all the introductory threads on this forum. I am freaking out about all the s*** I am putting in my hair. I will switch Paul Mitchell with HETT mousse and see how this will turn out. I will have to use up the HE conditioner before I buy a CG conditioner. Also, I wanna know which one is more effective - a gel or a mousse, to obtain soft curls? Also what does a spray do? I am contemplating buying the Deva curl AnGell. Any thoughts? Thank you so much for being so open to questions! It really helps!
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Here's an article about porosity, if you're curious

Haha, HETT mousse isn't CG either It dries out your hair like crazy - trust me, I've been there!

Ohh the great gel vs mousse debate. Ok, personally, my hair loves mousse. A LOT of people love gel though. So here are your best bets: As far as gel, try Biotera gel, which can be found at Sally's. As far as mousse, try Joico Mousse, which can be found at Ulta.

A spray will revive your curls the day after you cowash and all that...makes them look like you just did them! I just use water though!

Umm, about the Deva line: I've never tried it, because I don't want to spend that much money on hair products I don't want to try it either, bc I don't want to like it and then have to spend a fortune! The Biotera gel runs about $7, and the Joico mousse runs about $9, but Angell runs about $20! That's too much for me.

I haven't gotten my routine down pat, but I can totally post it if you'd like and no prob with the questions! Feel free to ask away!
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