Hi wavies,I'm a newbie here and I come from non-english speaking country,so please excuse my possible mistakes.

This is a great thread, love to read what you others bought, 'cause I don't feel so bad when I know there are more total PJs like me

So last time, on monday, I bought an ayurveda soap bar which is really great, I was extremely pleased with the results and I also bought K pour Karité leave-in conditioner for kids with nice banana smell. I haven't tried it yet,'cause it was pretty expensive, so I'm waiting for some special occasion .

I really wish the suppliers and stores from my country would take more care about natural products!It's impossible to get 99% of the products mentioned here on nc.com So it's really hard to find anything that is natural+CG friendly.
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Hi welcome to NC.com
I understand your frustration but mines more that we dont have american products here in the uk. Where abouts are you from?