Haha, HETT mousse isn't CG either It dries out your hair like crazy - trust me, I've been there!

Ohh the great gel vs mousse debate. Ok, personally, my hair loves mousse. A LOT of people love gel though. So here are your best bets: As far as gel, try Biotera gel, which can be found at Sally's. As far as mousse, try Joico Mousse, which can be found at Ulta.
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i have a can of HETT mousse, and according to the ingredients, it is CG. i find that mousse in general can be drying also, so i always use a leave-in underneath.

i haven't tried biotera gel, so i can't vouch for it, but i've noticed some people on the boards have used it and had success.

if you don't need a hard holding gel, i'd start out with one of the HE gels (the kind that come in the tube. i'm not sure if the spray gels are CG)
if you need something with a stronger hold, there is always Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee. I've seen lots of people mention the LA Looks Sports Gel too.

What i've learned is everyone's hair is different, and you have to play around with the products to make it work for you. The way you apply something, or the order in which you apply can greatly affect the outcome.
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