Ok I know this thread is a little old, but I just needed to thank yall for the coconut oil info. I had used it a long time ago in my son's 4a hair but I felt like it didn't do anything good for him at all, so I quit. But after reading your experiences I realized that I was probably using too much and not balancing it with other moisturizers. So...I decided to go back to the drawing board with it. After low pooing and conditioning, I put a little bit of the coconut oil on top of the leave-in. I am loving the results! I think I will still work on the exact amount and method a little, but I definitely see the possibilities!

I also decided to use some on my 2 daughters' hair. They have much finer hair than my son, and range from 2b-3c. I love what the coconut oil is doing for their hair even more than his! It is especially helping the one who has the finest and most difficult hair. I think this will be a definite staple for her hair routine!!!

Thank you for getting me to rethink coconut oil! By the way...its also great to pop your popcorn in. That's what movie theaters use to give it that movie theater popcorn taste.