Well the first time I used the DT I had just done the protein treatment. After I rinsed the protein out I applied the deeply decadent as a rinse out then a bit more as a DT.

So last night I was thinking maybe my hair didn't like the protein or the combo of the two so I tried just the deeply decadent on wet hair. It worked really well. It made me spiral. It dried stiff but when I rinsed it out my hair was soft and shiny. I'm actually thinking I may simply not have needed the protein treatment since i've been putting coconut oil in my homemade DTs.

So summary: I now like the deeply decadent as an overnight DT but I'm undecided on the PT just because I don't think my hair really needed it and that may have made me stiff
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I too used it after the PT and it made my hair hard, dry and rough. Maybe that combo just doesn't work for my hair. Interesting.