The worst part is that this whole thing because of your dysfunctional parents in many cases - who do you turn to? I thought I was better, you know, self-healed. Today I nearly made myself throw up. How do you stop from relapsing into an eating disorder?
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CurlyeyesI'll tell you something. I suffered severe anorexia (full blown for three years, was probably underlying formany years before that) and everyday I stilltry to challenge what is left of my eating disorder.Something .Anything. I know it will NEVER really be gone, but by eating that cookie I wanted or something as simple as not letting myself do those 5 extra mintues in the gym letsme know that I am the one in the control.Me, Hannah the person, and not anorexia.
Look at what you wrote, you said 'nearly'and thats so important. The fact that you resistant,that you didnt let the eating disorder win is a huge step, and if you can say to yourself everyday: I am ME, I am what I am and I am beautiful beacause I am me, then your are well on your way to recovery.