I bought some Lloyd's Saltspring Organics Citrus Squeeze shampoo. I have the Citrus Squeeze and Paradise Found conditioners already. The shampoo is very natural (sulfate and silly cone free of course) and fairly local, with Saltspring Island being about a 40 minute ferry ride away.

A lady who runs Saltspring Soapworks (yes, another natural body care company...they're very crafty there on Saltspring Island) has some Prairie Naturals Wild Rose shampoo and conditioner she is going to give me because they're too heavy for her hair. I smelled this at a store nearby that had some, and I admit that I find the smell of this variety a bit strong, but I think I will be alright. She said she'd diluted the shampoo, because it was too rich for her, but that should be ok for me. I hope to pick them up in the next few days.

I did use the Lloyds last night, and I think it was good, though I used too much shampoo. I think my next purchase is a shampoo massager thing.

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