Ok. I hope this isn't a completely crazy quetsion, but does anyone use curlers in their hair to define their curls. I'm just so frustrated with my hair at the moment.... I use LA looks and fructis curl cream but if i try to use a defuser my curls frizz and i HATE letting my hair air dry beacuse it takes hours. so iwas thinking that i could jsut put it in curlers and sit under this hairdryer thing i have. well just wondering if anyone else uses them and what kind they have and how they use them... like do you put gel in your hair before the curlers or after... ok well any feedback would be appreciated!!! thanks so much!
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Not a crazy question at all. I am here searching for a thread on magnetic rollers.I find that using curlers/rollers give me looser and smoother curls with lots of volume when dry set. If set when wet, all I can say is BOING! (snicker) Velcro rollers are not good on my hair, they are partly to blame for the mess of a top layer I have right now. It's getting better. I HATE product but am really diggin Redken Fresh curls. Even the dried out top layer is responding to it and it is not weighing my hair down.
Lisa -

3B can braid to relax into 2b or diffuse into 3A. I confess I have 3C envy :-) Chin length weighed down by product - using Pureology Hydrate condish, home made brews and on occasion Redken Fresh Curls