I think the episode was good, and of course as a debut with a new Doctor and companion, everything will evolve with each new episode. Not crazy about the new title sequence though...the first bit of the theme rubs me the wrong way, but then it eases into a more "classic" Who style.

I think that Matt Smith's Doctor is a bit wild and unpredictable, and there's elements to tie him to his predecessors, but that he'll do well in the role as he settles in a bit more. There is a general good response to him so far, even with the "emo-Who" skeptics.

I don't doubt there's a bit of an ego. I gather that Eccleston had one too, and of course Tom Baker...he probably had the biggest of them all. :P I think we'll all miss David Tennant...he was brilliant. I'm hoping to like Matt Smith at least as much.

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