Maybe your hair doesn't like the fine toothed comb, and would work better with a brush. I absolutely love my Denman brush. I have read about people using a comb with great results, but I have also read that some people can't do the comb (their hair doesn't clump as well) and give the curl definition they like. So don't give up, keep experimenting!
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I tried wide-tooth combing this morning, and my hair stayed "combed," even after supersoaking. Guess combing isn't for me, period. Gave biotera gel one last try. Doesn't like that either (sigh).

Also tried Giovanni smooth as silk...made my scalp greasy and my hair kinda dry - weird! Taking that back to whole foods asap :P I'm gonna stick to the Garnier Triple Nutrition for my cowash.

Also got Giovanni xtreme DT...we'll see how that works lol. Getting kinda frustrated with all these experiments! :\

I like the humectant in the Biotera cream, so I'll probably keep that, but I'm curious as to the comparison between it and the Giovanni leave in. Speaking of which! What's the point of a leave-in? How do I know I need one?!
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