Plunky: so it's findable online?

I may wait a bit. I'm systematically going through the Pertwee episodes. He's my favorite doctor so far (and I can tell he'll be my favorite, period. There's just no outdoing someone who dresses like a member of the Moody Blues, for me), which makes me skeptical of someone as young as Smith.... But then, so far there hasn't been a doctor I've seen who I've been unable to see as the doctor. Which is weird and amazing.

FIA 2a-c, ii.
Combo. fine/low porosity & coarse/porous.
Stylers: All-in-one spray, FSG, KCCC
Also using: Inecto condish, WW Tiare Pomade
Dislikes: soap bars, glycerin, protein.
Yawns at: all gels (even LALSG), Seamollient.