Plunky: so it's findable online?

I may wait a bit. I'm systematically going through the Pertwee episodes. He's my favorite doctor so far (and I can tell he'll be my favorite, period. There's just no outdoing someone who dresses like a member of the Moody Blues, for me), which makes me skeptical of someone as young as Smith.... But then, so far there hasn't been a doctor I've seen who I've been unable to see as the doctor. Which is weird and amazing.
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Oh yes, it's definitely findable online. Hubby does that stuff though, not me. I wouldn't know where to begin.

Pertwee was awesome, and then there was Bessie, and UNIT and the companions. I mean, look how lasting Sarah Jane has become? Who else would practice Venusian Aikido in a frilly shirt with cape?

Every doctor has his own style, and I know that what Steven Moffat wants Matt Smith's Doctor to come across is that he is still the same Doctor, just with a new face and new characteristics. There's a few Eccles moments in The Eleventh Hour, and a few throwbacks to Tennant as well. And like I said, lots of hardcore fans are seeing Matt Smith with bits of Troughton and Davison in his performance. We'll see how his character evolves.

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