You know, I liked Eccelston (thought he was amazing the first episode), but I think I like Tennant better.

I really liked Donna. I know some don't. I just thought she was perfect. Rose was never my fave, I know lots of people loved her. Meh.

I just don't want some youngish girl again! I don't even mind someone Martha's age. Or like, a MALE companion. Or lets get two companions going again. Or an alien companion. I mean, we've already done a Rose storyline -- can we do something new?
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I was ok with Rose with Eccles, but she was definitely a changed person with Tennant, and a bit too cocky for me. Martha was alright, and she gets under-appreciated I think, not just by the Doctor, but also the fans. Still, I'm guilty of that too. I liked Donna best of the female companions. I think that Amy will be somewhere between Martha and Donna, but it's too soon to tell really. She's got some issues of her past to deal with which I think will get some detail as the show continues, and there's abandonment which has led her to be hardened and cynical as an adult. Without giving out too many details, it is possible there will be another male companion, though there is nothing in the trailers to back that's just a personal thought. It seems though, that the male companions don't stick around for long. An alien companion is LOOOONG overdue, and so is someone from the past. Jack is the only one from the future I think, and the rest are present day. Double companions do make for interesting storylines and development.

I think Matt Smith will be fine, and come into his own. I don't know about Amy though. I think I'll have a better feel in a few weeks when we've seen more of them interacting and easing into their characters more.

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