I really liked Donna. I know some don't. I just thought she was perfect. Rose was never my fave, I know lots of people loved her. Meh.
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I was ok with Rose with Eccles, but she was definitely a changed person with Tennant, and a bit too cocky for me. Martha was alright, and she gets under-appreciated I think, not just by the Doctor, but also the fans. Still, I'm guilty of that too. I liked Donna best of the female companions. I think that Amy will be somewhere between Martha and Donna, but it's too soon to tell really. .
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Yay! More Donna fans. She's what got me into Doctor Who. I saw The End of Time over Christmas with my parents and had to know why her mind would burn up if she remembered the Doctor. ...and here I am. If only she could've kept her time-lord mind!

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