I was ok with Rose with Eccles, but she was definitely a changed person with Tennant, and a bit too cocky for me. Martha was alright, and she gets under-appreciated I think, not just by the Doctor, but also the fans. Still, I'm guilty of that too. I liked Donna best of the female companions. I think that Amy will be somewhere between Martha and Donna, but it's too soon to tell really. .
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Yay! More Donna fans. She's what got me into Doctor Who. I saw The End of Time over Christmas with my parents and had to know why her mind would burn up if she remembered the Doctor. ...and here I am. If only she could've kept her time-lord mind!
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Oh wow! So blueroses, you're a really new fan! Have you seen all of the new series yet or are you starting at the beginning and working up chronologically? I first saw Doctor Who on my 2nd date with my (now) husband. He'd apparently told some friends, "if she likes Doctor Who, I'll marry her" about me. Hee hee hee. Mask of Mandragora with Tom Baker was my first story.
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Yup. I started with new series 4 and went backwards (well, forwards within each series). Then typed "classic doctor who" or something into Youtube & saw Tom Baker's first episode. The next one I found ended up being a Pertwee episode (Carnival of Monsters), and I was in. love. I feel like I belong in early 70s England, so only with reluctance will I move on. Not sure if I'll go forwards or backwards. My parents still don't know that I've become a who-nut since the last time they saw me I think they were watching Doctor Who the night my brother was born.

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