Another book I didn't like was The Host by the same author. Her first "adult" book? There wasn't much adult stuff in it, IMO, and she had to know that most teens would be reading it. In "adult" books, I picture grown up conversations, and maybe romance or kissing or something. This had....nothing.
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Oy. I had to "proof-read" that for a teacher last year to make sure it was appropriate. It took me TWO EFFING WEEKS to finish it. And I'm a freakishly quick reader and I'm usually excellent at comprehension. I hated the Twilight books, and I trudged through those for the same teacher (she was a friend of the family, and she knew I liked to read so I always was assigned reading through the new books) and I finished all 4 in less than a week, even though I didn't like them. The Host was so confusing, I didn't get it at all.....Mrs. Porter tried to read it after I said that I didn't get it and she gave up after the first few chapters. She returned it and didn't buy any of the others in the series.
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