Hey, your hair sounds like it has a LOT of potential and that's exactly what the "Curly Girl" (CG) brings out. Please look the book up and read it, it's a fun read, it's a great time to ask someone to give it to you for Christmas or you can look it up at the public library.

The shampoo-less routine actually requires most people to wet their hair at least every other day (or if extremely lucky every 2) because our type of hair is "thirsty", besides the curls loose their shape after sleeping on them more than one day.

To get a taste of it I'd suggest that next time you think you need to wash to just rinse with lots of water, massaging your scalp but handling your hair gently, then just reapply conditioner and barely rinse for a couple of seconds only. Squeeze out the excess water and apply some gel (if you need help with this check out the demo videos at www.jessicurl.com). For now you can use whatever you've been using since you can go ahead and shampoo again in a few days but you will definitely need a CO without silicones (and that includes cyclopentasiloxane which is in almost everything today!) if you do get into full CG because with regular use they not only coat the hair and must be removed with certain shampoos but they also tend to relax the curl some. If you post here all the products you have at home even if you're not using them (but please say so) we can tell you if they're good for CG or not.

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