To be perfectly honest I learned about that technique in beauty school but nobody called it a "tunnel cut", just thinning with regular scissors, it's in my Milady textbood! So I wonder if he actually invented that or just thinks he did.

In any case, I think it's a horrid thing to do, unless of course the person is actually willing AND understands what's being done. I think it was in 1996 or '97 that someone thinned my hair at the crown to give me the look I liked (short on the front but not as short on the sides, almost like a mullet but more attractive), since my hair there was probably less than 3" long and hair doesn't grow evenly I didn't notice any difference later on. It's extremely ironic that only a few years later my hair got pretty thin at the crown and I went back to that cut because it helped me cover it up. I let my hair grow out but later it got even thinner while on thyroid meds (but thanks to some great advice I found here I was able to regrow my hair! ).
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