Im not the best at giving advice, which is why I never comment on questions like this, but in my experience people are more attracted to personality than hair. Even when I never knew about this site and I rocked a brushed out afro, I wore it with CONFIDENCE...and the guys were still attracted to me because they saw that I had confidence in the way I looked, straight haired and curly haired guys of all nationalities.

Why is your preference so narrow, that you would only want people with straight hair to be attracted to you?!? And as far as you wanting your hair to be normal, it already is! More than half the people in the world have some sort of curl or wave naturally. Congrads on being part of the majority.

There is nothing we can do to fix this, because we cant fix your mentality. You can either accept that you have curly hair and learn to live with it and love it, or you can spend your whole life and countless amounts of money fighting them. But in the end they still win, because regardless of what you do, they still grow out of roots curly. But you will save much more time, money, and energy if you just accept that they are who you are. And when you finally accept that about yourself, people will be more willing to accept that about you.
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