My mentality is narrow because I was born and raised among white people and culture. The middle school and high school I went to were private institutions schooling many wealthy and upper class people. All my girlfriends were of European descent, and I'm simply not attracted to "ethnic" people. I find that lighter people are more beautiful because they are lighter, the traits stick out, they are more heaven like as opposed to the darkness. The whole reason of having long hair was to distance myself as much as possible from being seen as ethnic, but in the end I'll always be an ethnic no matter how hard I try. I think I'll have to accept wearing a hat everywhere I go, but there's no escape.

I'm sorry if these ideas offend anyone, it's the culture and people I was raised in and around. I mean, just think of the words people use and the subliminal effect they have on people's outlook. Every time I get my hair trimmed the stylist will say I have thick and coarse hair. Compare the words thick and coarse to thin and fine, there is a difference in connotation no matter how subtle it is.

And why would I only want people of European descent to be attracted to me, because I am attracted to them and eventually would want my children to look like them, and the only way for that to even happen among a still small probability because of the genes I carry, is to reproduce with a carrier of those qualities. It runs deep in my head.
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Hmmm...I was raised in a very white culture and don't think this way in the least. Being "ethnic" isn't bad. Just because you grew up among people who you think had straight hair (if they're European, chances are they at least have wavy hair), it doesn't mean your hair and/or self are ugly. Learn to take care of your hair, rock the curls instead of hiding in shame.

I will tell you as a white person of mostly European descent (there is some American Indian thrown in waaaayyyy back), my hair is curly and I caught WAY more guys as a curly than a straighty. Just my experience.