Why is my hair like this? What does it mean? How could a person with straight hair be attracted to someone with hair as curly as mine? I'm probably a 3C. It's so curly it's annoying and weird it should be straight and normal like everyone else. It's impossible to grow it out
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What does it mean? It means you were born with hair with a certain texture and it's up to you to decide what to do with it in order to be happy with your hair--whether you go the natural enhancement route or the retexturizing route.

Hair is not something that ought to question your existence or normality. It can be vexing--like other grooming/beauty issues, but it's not life-threatening or soul-destroying. Get a grip.

And note....this is a curly hair forum, so it's chockablock with gals and guys with curly hair, I gotta tell you that part of your post is highly offensive to me.

For your info, most of the people in the US (not sure if you are in the US, but a lot of us are) have textured hair, NOT straight. The fact that you see a lot of straight hair isn't cause it's "normal", but cause folks use blow-dryers, flatirons, and keratin treatments, to name a few of the straightening processes.

Even in nations with primarily straight-haired folks--like Japan--people will retexturize hair (perm it, curl it, etc) seeking their ideal of beauty. Straight hair is not the summa of beauty. It's one of the ways hair can be lovely. WAves and curls and 'fros and braids and other styles/types can also enchance and show off one's beauty.

Heck, I've seen hot BALD guys and gals, so hair is not even a beauty necessity for some.

Like I said: get a grip, please. Find perspective.

Curly hair has been prized for ages, so it's hardly something to consider ugly or abhorrent.

Stating that curly hair is so offensive/unattractive that it would render one unmarriageable/unattractive is, quite frankly, ignorant and insulting.

So, please, quell your angst and your insensitive streak.

If what you want is help in accepting and learning to enjoy natural curls, fine. But have a thought to what you're saying IN WHAT FORUM you are saying it. This is no different than going to a gay forum and gay bashing or going to a religious forum and religion-bashing.

I am fat, biracial, and curly-haired. I've had 4 marriage proposals and am the object of the highest love for the last 28 years of a very sexy, very smart, very kind man who adores my curls. (Like me curly better than straight, anyway.) In this forum, all sorts of beautiful women (and men) are the objects of love and desire, and no one with a fully functioning brain would think they were "less than" for not having naturally straight, easy-care hair.

ALL THAT SAID: People here are a great resource (in terms of experimentation and experience) for how you can be happier with your hair. And if the only thing that will make you happy is straight hair, then you know what, there is the Brazilian Keratin treatment. That's a solution for you if you can afford it.

Better to be happy with straight hair than to question your very normality because it's not. But better yet to examine why you have such a dire view of your hair. It might have deeper roots than just hair and you're just venting. Maybe.

Whatever. I hope you find a solution for your woes and alter your views a little to enjoy the diversity of hair that blooms on this planet.
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