+1 MirCurls!!!!!!

That being said I spent most of my school years dumping chemicals into and searing my hair with all sorts of heat in an effort to have straight hair. It made it look so much worse. It literally melted at one point. I got made fun of a lot. In hindsight if I had just left well enough alone and worked with my curl instead of fighting it, my hair would have looked so much better. Would they still have made fun? Maybe. Ignorant people are, well, ignorant. But by having the beautiful healthy hair I have now, they would have looked the fool for poking fun. They would have looked stupid and jealous. Instead I was the one putting myself and my hair through the abuse. I let them win. I looked stupid and so did my hair. I was the fool. This site changed everything for me, I hope it can for you too.
CG since 2/23/10!

2B 3A mix, fine texture and high porosity at crown/bangs, normal elsewhere. I like protein!

Trying to grow out a short haircut.

WASH: Jessicurl Cleansing Cream (once every week or so)
CONDITION: Jessicurl Too Shea! or Aloeba Conditioner
STYLE: Jessicurl Gelebration Spray/Awe Inspiraling Spray

http://public.fotki.com/85MR2/ (PICS OF CG TRANSITION SO FAR) Need to update. No pics with the Jessicurl products yet, but I LOVE them!