First, MirCurls, you are damned beautiful. I know. I've seen your pics.

Second, to the OP: I hate to be the bearer or bad news, but choosing a white man to have children with probably won't do much to make your children look white. I'm only 1/4 Black, since my grandfather was Black and my mother is half Black. I am married to a white man. My children, who are only 1/8 Black, look biracial. And they are GORGEOUS. Genetically, the genes for typical Caucasian looks seem to tend to not be dominant.

Something like 65% of the world's population has curly hair. How are you not normal?

I am truly sorry that you have so much hate for yourself and others like you. It is very sad. But it is something only you can change.
"...just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that there isn't an invisible demon about to eat your face." ~Harry Dresden