Lol. Well, you all have certainly had a lot to say, most of which I've heard from my parents and family already.

Secondly, I'm not a girl, I'm a guy.

Thirdly, with regards to chemically straightening my hair and all that stuff, I wouldn't do that ever. That's a little too extreme, my "self-esteem" issues as you've called it don't run that deep. In fact, I find it hilarious you all think I have self-esteem issues because I'm pretty happy with who I am and what I've done. I just wish my hair was a different color and straight because to me the traits that are recessive and rare in this world are worth preserving, even if they have no real value like an organ does. I really believe my outlook is logical. If people didn't think straight hair was better why do so many people spend tons of $$ and time burning their until it becomes straight?

Also, I'm from the United States, and grew up in NYC. I spent several years living IN europe when I was 13, and I don't plan on leaving the United States for a second unless it was for vacation. As far as skin color is concerned, I'm brown but less brown than most brown people.
Originally Posted by voidofidea
Hey, a dude! Okay, just switch the genders in my posts.

I lived in NYC for 12 years! Not the nicest hoods, though.

Okay, you say you have great self-esteem, but that doesn't come across at all. When you want to wear a hat and don't consider brown folks beautiful, that also reflects back on you. I think there's a lot between those few lines, honestly. Just talking about preserving "recessive" traits says more than you think it does. Straight hair is not going away--Asia will see to that. What you are focused on is "whiteness" implied by that hair (although lots of white folks have curly hair as all those Irish nuns who taught me as a kid can visually testify to).

Because people seek after a particular ideal of hair doesn't mean the hair is better in the most objective sense. For centuries, women burned their hair in pursuit of curls (you've seen the art, read the history books, yes?). You've been to the Met. What did the Greeks and Romans do to their hair? CURL IT. Look at the goddesses and gods and Roman matrons with their elaborate coifs.

Because Greeks or Florentines dyed their hair blonde or used arsenic and lead to make themselves paler doesn't mean those are logical ideals. It's like saying only large-breasted women should reproduce cause men like boobies that are huge. Or saying only men with enormous members should pass on their genes. Or only people with straight, white teeth are worhty. Or only men who are taller than 6 feet are attractive. Or only women with size 7 or smaller feet are worth having their DNA preserved.

It's crazy. The limitations we put on stuff is crazy. Sometimes what we designate as beautiful is obsessive and nuts. Normally, what is rarer is more prized, hence the whiter and smaller or taller or thinner or fatter (depending on the period and famine levels) are valued. But if we stop to logically consider, if we have the historical perspective and ability to look beyond preset notions and cliched metaphors, we can see how silly it is to say, "Red hair is better than brown hair. C cups are better than B cups. Tiny feet are better than big feet. Round eyes are better than long eyes.""

If what you value is white skin or straight hair, then what you should do is not reproduce and encourage whites to marry whites, straight-hair to marry straight hair. That's what that sort of thinking logically leads to.

If you court women of Euro-white DNA, then you are the one belying your intention to preserve their characteristics. Thought and action are incongruent.

It only leads to that metaphorical darkness, thinking that way.
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