Curl Pattern: 2c i think.
Texture: Medium
Porosity: no ideaaa
Density: medium
Elasticity: normal
Characteristics: no root curl, some waves, some spirals
CG/ModCG/not CG: ModCG - I use PEG modified 'cones in my gel, but otherwise i'm CG so far. I've only been doing if for a couple weeks now. usually i straighten my side bangs or pin them back.

Hair ingredient likes: experimenting still (:
Hair ingredient dislikes: ^

Hard/Soft Water: Soft!

HG/Go-to Products: experimenting still

Average climate/dew points: ohio weather :/

Fall/Winter combos: haven't been CG in winter
Spring/Summer combos: now trying Suave Naturals coconut co-wash with Garnier triple nutrition 3 min undo rinse out, tresemme gel.

Favorite styling techniques and why: so far super soaker with plopping because it reduces my hair drying time, and promotes more curls/clumps. It does cause some frizz, so i might be trying new methods soon.
Techniques that didn’t work and why: haven't tried many yet

Hair Twins: possibly rachelilly??
hair type: 2b-3a

I fell off the CG wagon for 2 years, and have been growing out my hair but still straightening it. I'm going to try to hop back on this year and hopefully stick with it!

Old CG regimen:
co-wash: Suave Naturals coconut
rinse out: Garnier triple nutrition 3 min undo
gel: Tresemme bouncy curls

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