So I have a hair appt this afternoon and just don't feel like washing and fixing my hair.

I know she will brush it out and it'll look like crap when I leave, so what's the point?

I usually like to look my best when I go there, but it seems like a lot of work to just end up having to do it over when I get home.

I don't get good second day hair, so it's looking pretty I brave enough to go like this??
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I usually try to have my hair at its best when I go, especially since I started CG and my stylist isn't familiar with it. He pulls no punches when he thinks my hair looks like crap. If I really didn't feel like it and wasn't trying to prove a CG point, I'd throw it in a pony-tail and call it good. I never plan on it looking good afterwards unless he blows it straight. Between the terry towels and rubbing before adding product, it's a lost curly-cause.

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